Démissions : il est archi-grand temps

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This is a call for desertion
by executives, engineers
and all decision-makers
in companies, administrations and organisations
that endanger the future of humanity
(including themselves and their children…).

In order to strike at the core of this deadly system
the movement of desertion could begin now.

inviting dangerous companies to change their way of functioning was doomed to failure, this will continue,
appeals to official, public decision-makers led to pitiful results, this will not change,
demonstrations by the people were impotent, and…

after more traumatic calamities than those we are living now,
key personnel will resign, hopefully, because they will consider themselves co-responsible…

let us create the conditions for a movement of desertion
to come together and then spread.

Time is running out.

Le temps presse

Oncle H – Avril 2020

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